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Year of the rabbit 2011

Another year has passed and looking back at things, it has been a pretty eventful year. 2010 seems to have chiseled major parts of my life. I took GRE, graduated from Panjab University, Shikha Di’s marriage, joined M Tech at JNU, curated TEDxNCR, completed 1st semester at JNU, phew. Life’s running and shaping itself fast, and we are only getting older. To add to its inertia, this year is called the year of the rabbit.

Now, I dont know if what Mayans predicted is right, or if there will be some major apocalypse in 2012 (which coincidentally is the year of the Dragon by the same Chinese calendar), but from one perspective, this maybe all what we have left of it.

On the other hand, talking about perspective, the year of the rabbit could also mean a lot of other things to look forward to…


So for now, so long Thoughtpad, wish you a very happy and “long” new year 2011.

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