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The red left sock and the green right sock

AIM: To estimate an empirical relationship between scientific-age and degree of craziness.

Abstract: Scientists have always been known for their crazy social behavior where old and upper middle age scientists are often seen blabbering to themselves while shaking their heads in a random unsynchronized manner. This study aims at quantifying the relationship of scientific age with degree of craziness by simple empirical experimentation.

Procedure: Scientists have since times immemorial been notorious for various reasons like missing their own marriages, flying kites in the rain to shock themselves, conjuring chemicals to lose weight, and planning secretly to rule the world.

It has been hypothesised that scientist get crazier with the number of years they spend in science.


Several experiments have been proposed for testing this hypothesis. In this discussion, I propose a litmus test for verification. In this experiment we will see the color variation in the pair of socks(or lack of it) worn by the scientists. Scientists can thus be characterized by this trait by comparing the contrast in colors of the socks worn in each foot.

For e.g. as a Master’s student, I am allowed to wear maybe two different shades of black. By the time I finish my post-grad, I might be able to wear a black and a brown, but its not before I am a Professor can I do a black and white, or if I’m more glamorous, the famous red and green.


Quantifying this relationship, a sigmoidal curve is obtained when the percentage degree of weirdness is plotted along with the number of years spent in science or degree/post obtained as such.


Inferences: Survey of current PhD students shows several misconceptions while entering graduate school like title Doctor commands respect, girls love professors, free food and lots of money, etc. The unfulfillment of these result in behavioral aberrations leading to “Cranky professor” which can also evolve to be “Advisor”, potentially leading to cyclic production of more “Cranky Professors” over time.

References: General observation, Austin Powers, Nutty Professor, The Crazyness survey®.

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