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Long and totally weird day today. Finally got my hands on the blogpad. Lost in the race, we sometimes forget what we are racing for. Today I got a taste of those smaller things in life. Got some little presents for my close friends and called up some old ones. Thats what the spirit of Christmas is all about ain’t it? So stop by, take a deep breath and realize what you are running for, and appreciate the ‘Why?’ before you start running again.


I wont write much today, as today dad is here too, so the shouting ritual has been repeated twice. So to end with a note, Merry Christmas to me, my laptop and everyone.

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  • Sahil Moza on January 10, 2011 at 8:06 pm said:


    Yes indeed and more the number of iterative why’s we can answer, more closely we begin knowing the purpose of our life.

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