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Damnatio Memoriae

Where has vanished the Heaven on Earth?

Who effaced their childhood near the hearth?

Where is the cheer of those pinkish cheeks 

who gamboled around in the snow-white peaks?

And gone are the days when the blue sky

would play with tides and the clouds would cry

out of joy and the bright of the yellow flowers

would dance with the wind and sing with the showers?

Where is the fragrant sandalwood brown

which distilled the air so heavenly to drown

Hushed are the chirps of those purple birds

who danced along the rhythm divine

Choked is the lively solar flare

And grey is the silvery lunar shine

Now the lakes are brown and long gone is the poise

of the bulwark mountains in the reverbating noise

The sun spits fire and the skies are grey

flowers rest on empty graves and the bodies decay

floating in the lakes which used to be green

Shut dead is the valley someday called serene.

Grey is the white, 

Red are those pinks

Cursed black are the souls,

And the heavenly air stinks

Crimson is God’s lap in slaughter insane

And man has fallen from heaven yet again…

-Sahil Moza



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